Jiamusi is a little different from the other cities introduced on this website. It is neither a provincial capital nor an international port town. It is smaller, more remote and less internationalized. For this reason, for some people it is an ideal location to study Chinese. 

Located towards the west of Heilongjiang Province (the northernmost province of China), Jiamusi is only a few hours drive from the border with Siberia. A town with a relatively small urban population of 604,000, Jiamusi is surrounded by mines, forests and grassland. Although there are daily flights to Beijing and Harbin, a train journey to these locations will take 20 hours and 7 hours respectively.
The main role of Jiamusi is to be a regional hub for the various industries in the surrounding area. It is a very typical Chinese city, and this gives students a different perspective on Chinese live compared with those studying in the larger metropolises. 
The cost of living is also lower than in larger cities, both for accommodation and daily necessities. For students with a limited budget the city provides a way for students to study Chinese intensively (you will not find many English speakers in Jiamusi) at a lower cost.

The main university in the town is Jiamusi University. It has several hundred students studying Chinese Language and another large group from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal studying Western Medicine (the university is well-known nationwide for the quality of its medical courses). 

More pictures of the city

Decent Autumn 2

Decent Autumn

Bird View

Super Market

Winter Game

Gaoqiao Parade

Chrildren's Park JMS